Therapy Social Fitness was born from the realization that our studio is a form of
Therapy to all kinds of women and men. All ages, all abilities. We have created an
atmosphere that allows you to challenge yourself, gain results, and feel supported and
encouraged. Therapy will be your one stop shop for all of your fitness needs. While
offering the staples of dance, barre, TRX, Yoga, Pilates, etc., we will also bring the latest
and hottest workouts to our studio. Our goal is to keep you engaged, motivated, and, of
course, sweaty! Our studio will not only be your favorite gym, but we will also be your
escape, your community, your Therapy.

Bronwen Finta


Instructor for Saturday at 3pm

Class Description:
Dance Sculpt – A fun, easy to follow class with moves from both the
ballet barre and dance floor. Get your cardio high and dance endorphins as we work
your whole body !

About Bronwen Finta – Owner:
This cardio queen is a firecracker and total comic relief for your burn. Bring your
booty to the party! That is a motto for Broni and a theme for her entertaining high energy
workouts. She lives for the studio and the ladies that make it great. .
Originally from Sydney, Australia, Bronwen has almost 20 years of experience teaching
in the fitness industry. Bronwen has appeared in fitness DVD’s, presented at fitness
conventions, and has enjoyed a career helping women achieve confidence and strength
through exercise. She’s enjoyed a career in musical theater, television, and stand-up
comedy, so her classes will have you laughing and learning not only how we do it, but


Daniela Evseeva


Instructor for Sunday at 12pm

Class Description:
Latin Sculpt – Feel spicy and get sweaty to beats from around the world. This easy to follow class is a blast! You will twist, tone, shimmy and smile.

About Daniela Evseeva:
Movement has been Daniela’s Therapy since the age of 18 when she began
studying Bellydance. Daniela became an internationally known artist, helping to lead
the movement of “Fusion bellydance. She also became one of the first certified Zumba
instructors in 2002. Her career has continued to evolve in the fitness industry. No matter
what the format, Daniela has found herself in music and movement and her passion is
inspiring others to do the same. Smile, let go and trust her to move you!
She is a military spouse, mother of two and when she isn’t at Therapy, you can find her
at the beach catching some waves.

ACE Group Fitness, ACE Personal Training, AEA (Aqua fitness) Maddog Spinning.