Tayler Buono

Recently noticed by Simon Cowell, Tayler Buono’s latest release, “People Are Lovely” has been hand selected to be synced on upcoming seasons of both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. With her 2017 release, “Technically Single” landing a #1 spot on Spotify’s US VIRAL 50 chart, her 2022 album “how to get through a breakup,” and her recent 2023 releases, Nashville based pop singer-songwriter, has garnered 50M+ lifetime streams. After 10+ years of many ups of downs while navigating the music industry, life, love, and heartbreak, Tayler is now delivering a hopeful and refreshing sound as she embarks on a new chapter. In preparation for live shows and her upcoming album, “Stay Dreamy”, she is releasing a new song off the album every 4-8 weeks. This project is a young woman’s fight to never give up on a dream, live life fully awake, and see the glass half full. In a world full of pain, disease, mental health challenges, and division, Tayler is certain we aren’t meant to do life alone and invites you come along in the journey to stay dreamy.
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