Yoga with Swell Yoga

Denise of Swell Yoga at a sunny beach, posing with her body lifted off the sand
Denise started her path in fitness in the 80’s. Inspired by an innate drive to live a life of health and fitness, Denise teaches a variety of classes that include Cardio, Strength, Yoga, Pilates, and Cyde. With a Bachelors in Kinesiology & a Master’s in Nursing, Denise’s knowledge of the human body is apparent in her classes. Proper alignment and safety are key. Each student is considered individual and unique. AFAA and Yoga Certified, she teaches a variety of classes all of which are inspired by a “have fun” attitude and get a great work out! Her classes are energetic, motivating, and tailored for all levels. Guided by many masters of Yoga, and a background of fitness & Ashtanga Yoga, she brings a strong yet graceful blend to the yoga practice. She combines a variety of styles of yoga into her Vinyasa Yoga class. Each yoga practice includes focus on the breath (Pranayama) the core teachings of asana (Postures) and meditation (Focus/Concentration) Yoga is a lifestyle for Denise. She teaches yoga with sensitivity and passion for the art. The opportunity to share her love for healthy living, yoga & fitness is a privilege for Denise.
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