Liza Owen

Photo of Liz Owen with pink hair in a leather style jacket

Defying the rules with style and substance, Liza breaks the boundaries of genre and culture as she creates music that is comprised of polaroids of her life, using sharp lyricism and authenticity to tell the story of how she’s gotten here. It’s a journey with many turns, yet they’ve all led to this moment, as Liza Owen is geared to become a new breed of authentic rockstar. “ my songs are like the movie of my life. Every song is a story. Wether it’s Sad, happy…beautiful or painful , you’ll get the truth. ,” she says earnestly. “And all I want for my fans is to let them know that it’s okay to feel everything.”

Raised in a tiny village deep in the English countryside called Headley, with not much else to do ,Liza Owen’s early years were spent in her bedroom listening to music, part from her mothers palate including strong iconic female artists like Dolly Parton, Alanas Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Shania twain and the other part from her older brother’s deep love for bands like Oasis, Blink 182 and Nirvana. It’s in this home that Liza would first sit at the piano discovering her voice and her love for writing songs. All of which have Influenced her distinctively genre-bending style and taste.

The product of a Cambodian mother and English father, young Liza was raised by her single mother in a home that was a stark contrast to the others in her town. Her mother, a survivor of the Cambodian holocaust, brought Liza and her brother back to her motherland when Liza was around ten and the family would travel back and forth between the countries. It opened Liza up to a whole other side of her culture, but even further, “I realized there was so much more out in the world that I could finally connect to. I didn’t feel alone anymore ,” she says. Watching the resilience of her mother and seeking musical inspiration from powerful women, Liza found her own inner strength in addition to discovering and developing her artistry.

Liza ultimately moved to Los Angeles permanently, inked a publishing deal and began her songwriting journey by penning cuts with top acts like Selena Gomez , Travis Barker, Carly Rae Jepson and BTS. The desire to make her own music still remained, so she continued recording songs of her own, ultimately signing a deal with Epic Records. “I took my advance and brought my entire creative team of friends to this sexy mansion with a pink door, where we drank and wrote for 72 hours straight,” she remembers. The final product of this camp was her debut EP “Songs from Monte Nido”.

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