Burn Boot Camp
Our elite certified personal trainers will push you to your limits and completely transform your life. You’ll get all the benefits of personal training in an exciting and encouraging group setting.

Haylee Hansen


Instructor for Saturday at 1pm

Hey Oceanside! My name is Haylee Hansen. I am currently a personal trainer at Burn Boot Camp. Fitness has always been a part of my life in one way or another. It has helped me to stay connected with myself through many seasons. I love helping people feel strong, powerful and at home in their own body. As a trainer I make it a priority to make personal connections with the people I am able to work with. Every person is on their own personal journey with being active and I want to be able to be there as that support (or push) as needed. We all deserve that time in our day that we can dedicate to moving our body in a way that feels good. Can’t wait to see you out there for our workout!

Kayla Sue


Instructor for Sunday at 1pm

Kayla Sue Ward has the boldest hair, the biggest smile, and the brightest leggings in the room. Powered by iced coffee and cinnamon raisin bagels, this energizer bunny started Burn in July 2019 and credits it for making her a better mom, wife, friend, and trainer. She holds multiple certifications including ACE Certified Personal Trainer, PLYOGA Certified Instructor. CrossFit Level 1, 2x FULL Ironman Finisher, 6x Half Ironman Finisher, and 10x Marathon Finisher. Being able to bring her daughter, Charlotte, with her to work warms this amazing mama’s heart. When she’s not motivating her gym to do one more rep or lift heavier, Kayla volunteers at her church, spends time with her family, wrangles her two naughty cats, and roots on her favorite football team. Go Cowboys!