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Get ready to elevate your fitness game with Axe Fitness’s invigorating Full-Body Workout Class! As a locally owned and woman-owned fitness studio in Oceanside, they are committed to empowering individuals of all ages, genders, and fitness levels to reach their peak performance and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
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Regina Stone

A photo of Regina Stone, of Axe Fitness, in the gym

Hi, my name is Regina Stone.

I am the owner of Axe Fitness and have recently partnered with Oceanside Athletic Club as the Managing Program Director of OAC Fitness and Strength & Conditioning Trainer.

My fitness journey began when I moved to California. I was nearly 50lbs overweight and had no idea how to get in shape. After working with trainers who helped me achieve my goals, I wanted to give back to people who were struggling in the same way that I had. I began helping friends with their nutrition and weight loss before becoming certified and that is how I had found my passion! I have now been a certified personal trainer for over 4 years.

I used to be the person who wore baggy t-shirts in the gym and still felt uncomfortable. I have been both overweight and underweight, so I understand both spectrums of the mental struggle. I know how to help you get the results you’re looking for because I have studied it, have years of experience, and I personally know how hard it can be. I have been in your shoes and still continue to have my own battles as well.

My hobbies include just about anything active. I love to play basketball, hike, travel, and I absolutely love anything that has to do with food! I am a huge foodie!

My goal at OAC is to help build a community of support and a place that isn’t just for exercise, but a home to all of the people in it. I want to be able to help and impact as many lives as possible. My purpose is to ensure results by creating a better lifestyle which will influence the rest of your life in such a positive way.