The logo for VERVE STUDIOS
Join VERVE in a cycling class combining rhythm-based choreography, high-intensity intervals, and upper-body strength training. Every ride is a unique, full-body workout sequenced with music to elevate your mind-body experience. We’re led by athletic and dynamic instructors who curate a unique sequence and playlist every class to challenge you and transform your body and mind. The class sign-up link coming soon!
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A photo of Lena Rakijian of VERVE Studios in Del Mar

Lena is the Founder/Owner of VERVE Studios. Her vision for VERVE is to create a local fitness  community for sweat, music, and connection – a place to transform your day and elevate your life!

Lena leads her riders to get aligned in breath, movement, and energy! She empowers you to stay present in every moment of class and really tune into the music and the feeling you get when you ride. Her goal is for you to embrace being vulnerable, lean into discomfort, and break through the thoughts and fears that get in the way from becoming the athlete and person you want to be. Lena wants you to show up and own who you are on and off the bike. She does it all with whole-hearted joy, accidental humor, more than occasional theatrics, and the power of Celine Dion.

Lena has been a fitness trainer for close to 10 years in New York, Boston, and Southern California, and has taught thousands of indoor cycling classes over the past 5 years. Lena has also managed talent and developed training programs, curriculum, and content for studios and teachers across the U.S. and U.K. Her passion for indoor cycling, community outreach, and self-development motivated her to launch a studio closer to home.


A photo of Remi from Verve

Remi, originally from Cambridge, Ontario Canada, has been a rapper and performer for most of his life and has always used music as an outlet to reach people in a positive way. He was given the name Remidee (now shortened to Remi) by another artist who described him as the remedy for the negativity in the world. He brings what he’s learned through rapping, DJing, and dancing and turns it into a unique and upbeat celebration of life on a bike! His biggest goal is to make people smile and walk away feeling better than when they walked in.


A photo of Anna from VERVE
Anna, born and raised in San Diego, brings her warm, fun-loving, and down to earth vibes to class every time she steps onto the stage. You can expect to hear heavy beat drops, alternative/pop-punk hits, and moments where you can challenge yourself from the inside out. Anna wants you to have an absolute blast in her classes and discover your full potential. She encourages everyone to show up as they are and keep working towards their personal goals.