Dylan Conrique

Coming from rural farm life in the Bay Area, Los Angeles was truly a whole new world for Dylan Conrique. The aspiring singer had 23 followers to her Instagram name when she left her hometown of Loomis, California (population 6000), but the now 17-year-old’s radiating warmth and faultless vocals have seen her accrue over one million, a number that’s doubled on TikTok. Her debut EP released in lockdown, Baby Blue, confirmed what her loved ones had seen in her since she was a toddler; the reaction to the project was “mind-blowing.” While NYLON endorsed Baby Blue as a “relatable collection of pop songs,” it’s Conrique’s latest singles that particularly hit home. In her upcoming release, “Advice From The Internet,” Conrique is an open letter on behalf of those losing their sense of self online, served with a candied melody soothing to double as a lullaby. It follows “After All,” Conrique’s first real foray into addressing the complexities of adolescence.