Competition Format


Competition Format

The format will be a California vs. the rest of the U.S. team contest that will feature 16 top female pros (8 from CA and 8 from HI and FLA).

There will be a second level of team competition that consists of eight x 2-person teams with one CT surfer and one QS surfer per team.

All 8 of the Californians will be on Team CA and all 8 of the Hawaiian and Floridian surfers will be on Team U.S. There will be a draft to select the 2-person teams on October 2, but the teams will look something like this:

Team U.S.
Team Carissa + 1 QS
Team Tati + 1 QS
Team Caroline + 1 QS
Team Zoe + 1 QS

Team California
Team Lakey + 1 QS
Team Courtney + 1 QS
Team Sage + 1 QS
Team Alyssa + 1 QS

The competition schedule is as follows:

October 3, 8a – 3:30p PST

CT women head-to-head competition 

4 x Quarterfinal Heats
2 x Semifinal Heats
The Finals

QS women head-to-head competition

4 x Quarterfinal Heats 
2 x Semifinal Heats
The Finals

Each Heat Win will award Team CA or Team U.S. with 1 point in all rounds and each 2-person team with 1 point in the Quarter-Final Round, 2 Points in the Semi-Final Round and 3 Points for the Finals.

October 4, 8a – 3:30p PST

Round-robin Team Competition

Heat winners will be determined by the combined two-best wave scores from both surfers on each team.

Round 1
Team Zoe vs Team Lakey
Team Caroline vs Team Courtney
Team Tati vs Team Sage
Team Carissa vs Team Alyssa
Adaptive Heat
Round 3 (Double Team Points)
Team Caroline vs Team Lakey
Team Tati vs Team Alyssa
Team Zoe vs Team Courtney
Team Carissa vs Team Sage
Awards and Interview

Round 2
Team Caroline vs Team Sage
Team Tati vs Team Lakey
Team Zoe vs Team Alyssa
Team Carissa vs Team Courtney
Adaptive Heat

Each Heat Win will award Team CA or Team U.S. with 2 points and each 2-person team with 2 points.  Point totals will double in Round 3.

Prize money will be awarded to every member of the winning Team CA or Team U.S. and the top-scoring 2-person team based on the two days of results.