Annika Bellamy

Annika Bellamy dressed in suit and tie, sitting atop a Marshall amp, cradling her guitar against her knee

Living in southern California, Annika Bellamy is Dutch /Indonesian & European Spanish.

Articles in London, France, and the LA Times have called Annika‘s voice “fresh, melodic, soulful, totally unique and in her own lane”. Annika writes her own lyrics, melodies, and sings the harmonies she creates.

Annika has worked with the likes of Sony writer Bruce Vanderveer on her summer hit “Summer O’Clock”, Columbian born & Sylar front man Jaden Panesso on her first Spanish Reggaetón song “Olvidarte” which hit top 118 on the Latin New Music Chart it’s first week out, and most recently with Pat “Redbone” Vegas on his 70’s hit “Come and Get Your Love”. Annika’s late uncle Tony Bellamy was Redbone’s lead guitarist and cowriter of CGYL. Annika’s fresh version will be on her new album, and she will be performing this for the first time at Super Girl! 

Outside of writing & recording Annika loves to travel, the beach, loves fashion, long boarding, bike riding, hiking, food, skincare and race cars! Most of all Annika loves life and people. 

“I love to connect, imprint, and inspire people with my universal language – music. We’re all connected through music.

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